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Setting AutoResolveToAbsolutePath to False does not work


When adding hyperlinks like page.html (using the "Create a link" button in design view), Typps changes the url to an absolute path (for example, when this control is hosted on, the page.html hyperlink is turned into, even when AutoResolveToAbsolutePath is set to False.
A second issue is that the control sometimes even changes hyperlinks completely, for example when I create a hyperlink to page.html, it changes it to page2.html, when I go looking in the html view. It seems to change the hyperlink to another, existing hyperlink in the same control.
Correcting the hyperlinks in HTML mode doesn't work, since this doesn't get saved (and when you go back to Design mode, it's broken again).


Ale55andro wrote Jan 22, 2011 at 9:54 AM

Hello, I was unable to reproduce this issue.

Basically IE will change the href/src values that contain relativeUrls to absolute only if those images/anchors are created on the fly and added at designtime. This is what happens when you create a link using the create hyperlink or add an image through the image designer dialogs. Due to IE forcing this unwanted behavior and since there are no current hooks into the API exposed by mshtml to stop IE from doing this, I have resorted to trickery to undo this behavior which can be turned off by setting AutoResolveToAbsoluteUrl="true" ( the default behavior of IE).

I'd like to fix this problem provided I can reproduce the problem. Provide me with a chunk of html code that I can paste in the editor to repo what you describe or some detailed steps on what you had done to see what you describe. Also, let me know in what version of IE you see this problem. And lastly the version of Typps you are using.

Many thanks for reporting. I wish you a good weekend.


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