Typps 2.6

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Released: Oct 24, 2010
Updated: Oct 24, 2010 by Ale55andro
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Application Typps.dll ( Non source code version)
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Example The application we use in our demo pages. (A practical howto)
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Source Code Typps Full source code
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Release Notes

There is also some documentation with this release. http://docs.typps.com/2010/10/html-editor.html

The documentation linked above is not complete but it covers a good subset and should meet most basic needs. We'll keep updating this in the coming days so keep checking.
  • Toolbar items and tabs have been revisited. we now have a brand new clientside API. The new api is based on best practices and patterns (Commanding,Composite and observer patterns implemented in javascript). Documenting soon.
  • Added a MaxLength Property. Setting this property allows you to limit the data a user can postback with enough hooks clientside/server so you can displaying notification to the client when max length has been reached. ( This is documented )
  • added new hooks to 2 new clientside handlers exposed via serverside properties :
    • ClientSideTabItemClick
    • ClientSideToolBarOptionsItemClick
    • ClientMaxLengthReached
    • MaxLengthReached (serverside handler)
  • The SaveClick handler exposed TextSavingEventArgs argument. This now exposes some new properties :
    • CharacterCount - which is simply a count of the bare textual content only ( markup is not included in the count).
    • MessageToClient - Passing data to this property allows you to collect it clientside via the saved* event handler ( This is documented in the documentation)
  • Added more unit test harnesses to compliment the new clientside api. This will get documented soon.
  • Revamped designtime registration of HttpHandlers in web.config functionality that the editor does behind the scenes when dragging and dropping from the toolbox or simply switching to designview in visual studio on a webform where the control sits. More specifically now the registration takes place only when there is no handlers registered. In previous releases it would insist on registering both IIS6 & 7 handlers if either one is missing. Now it's a lot more forgiving and works correctly as one would expect.
  • IE - fixed the close button on the dialogs being bigger than the actual rollover image sprite; majorly affected IE6 --Fixed
  • Revised all skins.
  • When there was no selection and an item was being added in the editor eg: a new table row or cell, ie6 would crash. This is a bug in ie6 itself but working around is possible. --Fixed.
  • Highlight elements in the designer is noticeably slow in ie6 ( a very inferior js engine). We have optimized our code for a faster dom traversal. Now speed is much better in ie6 and even better in uplevel browsers.
  • Selecting a table element in designview also toggled the table cell designer icon when istead it should just appear enabled. This is fixed now.
  • In IE6 and IE7, when adding a new table the table's properties weren't taking affect. --Fixed now.
  • Refactored BBCodeParser to HtmlStripper. While the name in previous versions suggested it as a BBCodeParser, it's a code stripper in reality. It's called a BBCodeParser because that was the premise for writing it but it got conflicting in the end because we provide an HTML Editor and we want to edit HTML.
  • More refactoring

from->to :

DisabledElementBackgroundColor -> DisabledButtonBackColor
DisabledElementTransparency -> DisabledButtonTransparency
DisabledElementBorderColor -> DisabledButtonBorderColor

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