Typps 2.5

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Released: Sep 21, 2010
Updated: Sep 21, 2010 by Ale55andro
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Application Typps.dll ( Non source code version)
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Example The application we use in our demo pages. (A practical howto)
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Source Code Typps Full source code
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Release Notes

Typps.Range object clientside. This is the object responsible for retrieving selections made by the user and exposes them to the editor in an easy cross browser manner. This has been rewritten and is now also exposed to developers wanting to grab selections easily and make transformations on those selections in the document (clientside).

-Typps editor sported a dropdownlist of css classname (filled by the developer) since one of the early versions. These classes can be applied on user selected content and in previous versions the implementation wasn't complete. This is now complete thanks to the new range API and works in this manner :
  • if user selected a piece of text, the content is wrapped in span elements with the css classname applied to it. If the same content is selected and the same classname is applied, the classname is removed giving a toggle effect. This means class can now be applied and removed.
  • if user tried to apply a classname at the cursor location(meaning there is no selection but just a blinking cursor, the css is applied to the parent element.
  • if user selected lots of content that includes html elements in the selection, then the classname is applied to each element in the selection. TextNodes are skipped ofcourse, if those textnodes parent elements exist in the selection.
  • maintain selection on elements where the classname is applied

--firefox: pressing enter when inside a list item added paragraphs in addition to a listitem. this is a bug. fixed

--IE, inserting an image at cursor location would insert the image in a line by itself. Fixed now (new range api to rescue again).

--webkit, firefox: indentation bug manifests when having indented content and outdenting the same. This is because of whitespaces generated by the editor to format the html. Also in the last release to workaround this bug we put firefox temporarily in css mode when indenting. This was not uniform among browsers. Blockquotes is the default for indentation provided by the rich text editing engines cross browser and we support it nicely. Fixed

--better support for selections when using quotes and formatting commands

--table editor; tweaked focus to remain on cells when using delete row/cells commands
--table borderstyle dropdownlist was disabled incorrectly in the table designer dialog when editing an existing table with borders. Fixed
--webkit; table attributes and table cell attributes weren't set appropriately and this resulted in malformed tables which in turn resulted in the tables cells and rows stripped out because the html parser couldn't reconize the malformed table element. This is fixed now.

overall this release is much stronger than the previous editions. Because of the massive change in rewriting the Range object, we missed a weekly iteration, but well worth!

If you have issues report them and it will be fixed within the weekly iteration (if it's a small bug xD).

We are back to prioritizing on the documentation. It's a bit lengthy, so be patient. Feel free to ask on the forum if you want to do something specific and don't know how.

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