Jiffycms.Net.Toolkit V1.0.9.9

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Released: Dec 27, 2009
Updated: Dec 27, 2009 by jiffycms
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Release Notes

A merry christmas and a happy new year to all.

Major Release. This release adds two new controls, the ColorPicker and Media Frame, minified js (half the size now), several bug fixes, code refactored etc etc

Unfortunately the enhancements to the imagepicker, the addition of mediaframe and the new colorpicker has forced me to make some breaking changes. Why? Simply because some of these controls
like the imagepicker/mediaframe for instance have taken a life of their own and are quite complex. In order to give you all full flexibility in what you can do, I cannot just expose the few properties manually from the editor as I was doing in earlier versions.

Instead the best solution is to expose these controls as sub controls. This also* means in future versions, as more functionality is added, you should get it automatically.

Deprecated properties :
EnableImageGalleryViewState (This property is gone for good. It's pointless)

Now you may set these directly on the new EmbeddedImagePicker property eg:

Previously :
Editor1.ImageGalleryNode.ChildNodes.Add(new ImagePickerTreeNode("img.gif", "path/to/image/img.gif"));

Now :
Editor1.EmbeddedImagePicker.ImageGalleryNode.ChildNodes.Add(new ImagePickerTreeNode("img.gif", "path/to/image/img.gif"));


Now you may set these directly on the new EmbeddedUpdatePanelProgress property

If in earlier versions you subscribed to a clientside event handler,
the signature has changed to include the sender too. Now all handlers include the sender as the first argument. This means if you subscribed to a clientside event handler such as say :
<cc1:ImagePicker .. OnClientOkButton="ImagePicker1_ImageSelected" ....></cc1:ImagePicker>

and duly added the clientside handler for this event eg :

function ImagePicker1_ImageSelected(args) {}

this has changed to this :

function ImagePicker1_ImageSelected(sender, args) {}

note that the above has the sender as the first argument. The sender in the above example returns a reference to the imagepicker object. This is now the pattern used throughout.

ProgressbarStyle(All controls expose an EmbeddedUpdatePanelProgress property. Set directly on this property)
ProgressbarMessageStyle(All controls expose an EmbeddedUpdatePanelProgress property. Set directly on this property)

EnableViewStateForStyles property is deprecated. Viewstate is already restricted and minimized by default.

CleanupMsWordMarkup property is deprecated in favor of AutoCleanupMsWordMarkup
MinimizeViewState - Deprecated

ClientSideColorMouseOver (deprecated, all clientside events regarding color picker are now exposed directly on EmbeddedColorPicker)
ClientSideColorMouseOut (deprecated, all clientside events regarding color picker are now exposed directly on EmbeddedColorPicker)

we are using verbose json for all properties now. In previous versions, while json was used, it was not json to full potential, to put it bluntly, while the previous solution had a more compact rendering, it weren't really easily readable. we now pass a much more verbose json string to properties. specifically when passing toolbars, tabs, dictionaries etc. This allows easy maintainence, promotes readability and allows us to move forward with new features.

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