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Released: Mar 23, 2009
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Application Jiffycms.Net.Toolkit - DLL - *New* - IE8 compatible
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Application Jiffycms.Net.Toolkit - DLL
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Source Code Jiffycms.Net.Toolkit - Source code
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Application Jiffycms.Net.Toolkit - Source code - *New* - IE8 compatible
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Release Notes

Jiffycms HTML Editor v1.0
Jiffycms wysiwyg ASP.NET HTML editor is Light weight and supports the whole ASP.NET AJAX Extentions stack because it is built right on top of it! Full designtime support in visual studio,single dll
  • Format block
    • Select and apply a block format tag from a list of predefined formats.
  • Font selection
    • Select and apply a font from an exhaustive list of fonts.
  • Font styles
    • The various known font styles, eg. Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike through.
  • Quotes
    • Allows quoting text blocks.
  • Text highlighter
    • Highlights a block of text with a color of your choosing.
  • Font color
    • Colorize your fonts with a color of your choosing.
  • Print
    • Print, what else !
  • Built-in spell checker
    • So far, supports English, Italian, German, French and Spanish for inline spell checking with suggestions.
  • Copy, Paste, Redo, Undo
    • copy, paste, redo and undo.
  • Hyperlink editor
    • Create hyperlinks with launch in pop up option.
  • Image gallery
    • Light weight ajax image gallery, supports no page refresh image uploads, previews etc.
  • Code formatter
    • Format your code, whether it is HTML, XML, C#, VB.NET and many more language selections. Beautiful color code.
  • Text indentation
    • Indent or outdent text
  • CSS class selector
    • Allows you to supply a list of css classes display and apply them through the HTML Editor in design mode
  • HTML table / cells designer
    • Allows you to create and manage an HTML table with columns/rows
  • Floating toolbar
    • This is a feature you won't find supported on any HTML Editor today. It basically allows you to float the toolbar on the screen giving you a lot of flexibility. This enables you to fit the HTML Editor in the smallest of places without having to worry about screen real estate used up by the toolbar otherwise.
  • Image sprite toolbar icons
    • An image sprite is 1 image composed of multiple icons. This can improve performance on your web server drastically.
  • HTML View
    • View and hand edit the generated HTML with code formatting for easy reads.
  • HTML correction
    • Corrects malformed HTML with warnings. So in case you forget a closing tag or didn't quote your attributes, this feature simply auto corrects and tells you exactly what it corrected and why.
  • HTML colored code view
    • View the generated HTML with formatting and color coded. Makes spotting a piece of markup much easier.
  • MS word copy paste clean up
    • MS word is known to insert proprietary tags and attributes in a copy paste operation. This feature cleans it up transforming all that proprietary tags into proper HTML and CSS.
  • Visual Studio designtime support
    • Real time rendering in VS.NET ; Also includes a designtime CSS auto generator, that you can use to include all auto generated CSS in an external stylesheet.
  • XHTML valid
    • Not only does the editor produce valid XHTML but the editors rendering itself is XHTML strict and won't compromise your page where it is embedded.

Reviews for this release

I have tried to use the latest release with my web site (based on ajax).. Each time i tried to use the control... I was not able to use it because there was an ajax error caused by this control... Big featured, less result!! Very sorry but this control need to be improved to be considerate like a html editor reference in the community. It is a good start though!
by simontetreault on Jul 17, 2009 at 3:21 AM
very good job!!. easy to use.
by Mixfede on Jun 19, 2009 at 6:57 PM
excellent work. but something like "refresh" button for ImageBrowser will be very helpfull. if you open ImageBrowser at first time and then do some file upload you can not see it without page refresh.
by raxxla on Jun 9, 2009 at 10:59 AM
Very nice work,
by safknw on Mar 24, 2009 at 8:21 AM