Typps doesn't output the spell ,image, link dropdown in correct position

Sep 28, 2011 at 12:55 AM

Whenever i click on spell check , image, link, or any output message is displayed to the far left or right of the screen.

How can I have it display right underneath where I clicked it.  I have tried generating the css and edited the

spellchecker-menu but this didn't do anything. Also is there anyway to save the configuration of the buttons

in an xml file. I have the editor on many pages and everytime I change a configuration it loads 50 lines of configuration

code inside the aspx. How can i make removing buttons and customizing the interface a simple solution.

Also when I click on html output there is a shadow image created that shows up to the right of the screen.

Also I use the editor at 500px width and 300 height. I dont need to display it in full screen.