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Project Description
Typps (formerly jiffycms) is a wysiwyg ASP.NET rich text HTML editor (RTE)

Online demo and documentation available on our website


Typps is a first class fully featured HTML Editor. The editor offers a WYSIWYG XHTML editing environment enabling your applications to edit HTML content in a manner similar to text editing in word processors.

Developers can leverage rich text editing abilities by the simple inclusion of a flexible component into their web pages instead of spending time developing and maintaining yet another application.

This frees up their time to concentrate on developing and improving their applications.

As a developer, by embedding the Typps HTML Editor into your web applications, you can provide your users with a simple web based authoring tool. End users editing content, do so effectively without any solid knowledge of HTML but rather by simply clicking command buttons to format text, paragrahs, font sizes, font weight, typefaces, colors, insert tables, images, hyperlinks and many other features.

Unlike most editors, Typps also goes the extra effort of validating the document to conform to strict w3c guidelines. This is achieved by parsing all content through an SGML parser that compares the document with a local copy of one of three XHTML schema's (XHTML transitional, XHTML strict and XHTML frameset). Note that we are not using an external service. This is all native to the editor.

The Editor provides the following functionality cross browser.

To the user authoring pages with the editor :

  • Copy, cut, delete, and paste operations.
  • Multi-level undo and redo.
  • Toggle selected text between bold, italic, and/or underlined.
  • Alter typeface, font size, forecolor (text), and backcolor (background).
  • Remove formatting.
  • Increase or decrease indentation.
  • Justify text (left, center, right, justify).
  • Create ordered and unordered lists.
  • Create/edit a hyperlink.
  • Create/edit an HTML table.
  • Insert/Upload an image. Preview/View a list of images stores on the server.
  • Serverside file browser / Upload - additionally the same can be used to enumerate a list of links on your site/external site or links pointing to files for download etc.
  • Automatically pop up a multifile upload dialog when spotting links to files on the users file system and auto links correction to the newly uploaded file.
  • Builtin spellchecker covering a wide range of dictionaries.
  • HTML View with validation,formatting, color coded HTML View, preview and an error log of automatic markup corrections.
  • MS-word cleanup. Removes all un-necessary and word specific markup, while converting what's possible to it's html/css variant (preserving minimum formatting)
  • XHTML transitional, XHTML strict and XHTML frameset schema validation ( default is XHTML transitional ). This functionality is local to the editor. It doesn't use an external service.
  • Code hilighter covering a wide range of programming languages.
  • Left to right and right to left support.
  • Localization.

To the developers adding the component into their applications, gain a rich clientside and serverside API that can be leveraged in ASP.NET to :

  • Retrieve the HTML.
  • Build the image gallery browsable serverside.
  • Fully skinnable with 3 skins out of the box (Classic, Blue steel and Knight rider ).
  • Display command buttons as single icons or as grouped css image sprites ( huge saving in hits on your server and faster load times)
  • Easy customization of toolbar icons.
  • Limit markup tags through an inclusion list to stop the input of unwanted markup.
  • A rich set of events exposed serverside for all operation that require serverside processing eg: file/image uploads, saving of markup etc
  • A single DLL, fully self contained component. This means you do not need to maintain any additional files and pollute your project.
  • The component renders clean XHTML strict validating markup and styling through clean hand coded css that you can easily modify. All markup used to display dialogues are template based and easily modifiable.
  • UpdatePanel compatible.
  • ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit compatible.
  • Full control --no black box

While there are many open source HTML Editors out in the market, this editor stands out by being a lot more efficient and feature complete, targetting the .NET platform. This means as a .NET developer you will leverage a lot of functionality you would otherwise implement and maintain yourself. Developing a cross browser HTML Editor with rich functionality is an enormous effort and this editor strives to undertake all that hard work, freeing lots of time for your business problem at hand.

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